October 26, 2011

Office Project Sneak Peek

So this picture is not of the greatest quality (taken by my phone's camera), but here is a sneak peek of some new changes coming to our office/guest bedroom! Stay tuned for more pictures of projects that I have in the works - they should be coming in the next couple weeks!

If you can't tell, these two colors are yellow and gray. I freehanded the stripes on plain copy paper, and then framed it in a Target frame with a matte from Michael's.** I'm pretty sure that this is the extent of my painting skills, but I'm happy about the way it turned out! Can I get an Amen for cheap art??

Now, can you guess what color I'm pairing with these two throughout the rest of the room? I won't give any hints, but if someone guesses the color I'll confirm it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week :) It is now more than halfway over!


  1. Green or Navy were the first 2 colors to come to mind!!! =) Beautiful art, Mrs. Britton-Picaso!

  2. You guys are good! I actually thought I would use a green or turquise in the room. But it turned into something different as I shopped for fabric... I'll reveal some more soon :)


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