February 24, 2011

Best birthday weekend ever!

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a while! Mainly because I was off work Friday and Monday, but because of that I got to do some fun things! Let me sum up the weekend:
  • Friday I got my haircut and met a friend down in Chapel Hill for lunch. The weather was GORGEOUS and it was such an enjoyable afternoon!
  • Saturday (my birthday), Michael and I got up and packed for our trip to Asheville! We did a hike on our way in to the city, which was just the right length and had a beautiful waterfall at the end. Then we made our way into Asheville and checked into our adorable bed and breakfast. Went downtown for dinner, walked around the city, and then met up with my cousin afterward. Sunday we went to see the Biltmore! It was beautiful and huge... a really neat place to tour. We stopped at the winery on our way out and did the free wine tasting. So delicious! We ended up buying a bottle that we both loved.
  • Monday I did some shopping with my sister Alissa and went to lunch with her and my mom - so fun to see them!
God gave me so many wonderful gifts for my birthday! Warm weather, visits from family, a fun trip to Asheville with my hubby, and a NEW JOB! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's the best birthday I've ever had :)

February 16, 2011

Picaboo Wedding Album

Ok so it's not the official one, I still have yet to narrow down the 40 pictures I want in that. But I decided to make an album that had more pictures of the guests that were at our wedding instead of just us, which is so fun to look back at! I used a site called Picaboo and I'm very impressed with the results compared to other photo printing sites. I chose the "lay-flat" pages, which cost a little more but were worth it because it literally lays flat on the table and looks very professional. My favorite part about it was the program they have to create the album - you download it to your computer and it pulls from the pictures in your memory. Once you have designed your album, it then uploads it to the web so you can order it. So you only have to upload the pictures you're actually using in the album. It is so much easier than working online with web pages. Check it out!

Let me know if you make one with them and what you think of it!