September 21, 2012


Sometimes, we just get lucky. I don't mean that to say that things happen by chance, but that we are so purposefully blessed that we just feel so lucky to have been given this wonderful life. Being grateful for what I have, instead of pining after what I wish I had, does wonders for the soul.

A couple weekends ago my husband and I were able to spend a weekend away in Beaufort, SC. We had some amazing quality time that I don't think we knew we needed so much. I'm so thankful to be married to this man for over two years and still be so in love. I think we need to do weekends like this more often.

September 20, 2012

A turning point

This post is strange to write, because I'm not even really sure what exactly I want to say. I've truly enjoyed blogging here. I feel like I've learned so much through other bloggers I've come to know, and I've also learned a lot about myself. I want to keep blogging - I really do. I'm just trying to figure out what that will look like.

This blog has evolved a lot over time. It has been an update-the-family blog, a DIY blog, a home decor blog, a recipe blog, a lifestyle blog, and there's probably more. Lately I'm finding that I'm desiring to write blog posts (reading them, too) that have a little more substance to them and for some reason, I just don't feel the freedom to do that on this blog. I see "Real Home Living" and I think of it as the DIY/home decor blog that I once wanted it to be, and I'm not exactly sure that I want it to be that anymore. Maybe partly, but not totally. I used to want to be a popular blog that has a ton of followers where I would showcase awesome tutorials on how to make our homes more homey. Now I'm really just wanting this to be a place of self-discovery more than anything else. I feel limited in what I'm "allowed" to write. Stupid, right? This is my blog and technically I can do whatever I want with it. But I can't get over the title. It just feels weird to me.

So right now I'm debating a few options. Do I start over with a new blog? Or do I morph this blog into what I want it to be, keeping all the history, posts, and comments from Real Home Living, and simply change the title? Or do I just take down this blog and take a little blogging hiatus for a while? I hate giving up on things and I love holding onto remnants of the past, so bear with me as I'm trying to figure this out. I will for sure keep you posted before I make any permanent decisions.

September 12, 2012

Why I Love Target

I've been meaning to post about this for a while. Basically I'm going to give you a sales pitch for Target, with no kickbacks for me. Just simply because I love to save money and I know you do too! And Target helps me save money, without me having to do anything. I keep coming across regular Target shoppers who don't have a Target RedCard! Seriously guys, it's so worth it and so easy! I have the debit version, meaning that it is NOT a credit card, meaning that I don't have to worry about paying another bill. It is simply linked up to my debit card and it's literally like I'm swiping my debit card but I also get 5% off! EVERY time I shop there! I know 5% doesn't sound like a lot at first, but I buy a lot of groceries and toiletries there, so when you think about the fact that for every $100 you spend you're saving $5, it definitely adds up. And think about if you buy something big, like furniture? That could make a big difference.

I also just found out the other day that you can use the debit card online now! (you used to only be able to pay that way with the credit card version.) I put my number in to pay for a gift I was ordering, and it was like magic. FREE SHIPPING! Without having to spend their usual $50 minimum! So yes, that's a 5% discount online PLUS free shipping. Plus you can tack on other coupon codes if you have them (AAA does 10% off).


Just in case you missed it, here is the rundown of all the amazing benefits of the RedCard:

- 5% off EVERY time you shop at Target, in-store or online
- Free shipping online, no minimum purchase
- Get the debit card so it's linked to your checking account and you don't ever have to pay a bill
- It's FREE and really easy to sign up right in the store
- Sometimes they send you coupon books in the mail :)

Another way I save is by printing their coupons from their online site and getting their mobile coupons texted to me. To print from online I go to and scroll to the bottom and click Coupons under Ways to Save. From there I select the ones I want and then print. I mostly do this for things like toiletries, because those will be $1 off a beauty product, which makes a bigger difference than 50 cents off 4 boxes of frozen vegetables. They also sometimes have coupons for clothes. YES CLOTHES! $2-3 off or 20% off a women's clothing item are discounts I typically see. Randomly it will be for shoes or accessories. It's pretty awesome. Also, if you download the new Target app on your smart phone, and put in your phone number, it will text you mobile coupons that you can pull up and scan straight from your phone! No printing!

So basically if you don't like Target you should. And if you do, I think I've just convinced you to love it even more. Sorry for the sales pitch but I just had to tell you because these savings are that good! Go check it out!