February 19, 2014


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Today is my birthday! As of 8:07 pm, I will be twenty-six years old. Twenty-six whole years of living in this crazy world. In some ways, every year feels older. In other ways, every year feels the same. One thing that's changed is I don't get super excited about my birthday anymore. Is that just me, or is that adulthood? This is not to say that I don't enjoy the festivities. I love going out to eat with Michael to celebrate (we're headed to The Cheesecake Factory tonight!) and I totally wouldn't mind if someone threw me an awesome party.

I think the thing that makes me feel old now is not the age, but the things that can happen and change in the span of one year. A new job or a new house. Friends who move away and new friendships that form. Traveling to new places. Watching younger siblings grow up and move away to college. Seeing friends and family get married and have babies. I feel like SO much has happened in one year. So much life lived and experienced. And that's certainly something to celebrate.

After twenty-six years of living, I think I'm ready to tackle my twenty-seventh. Bring it on, world!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

  2. Oh, happy belated birthday Laura! Hope you had a great one :)

  3. happy belated birthday, Laura :) I hope your cheesecake date was fun!

  4. Hope you had a great birthday!! I know I'm super behind - sorry!! Your blog hasn't been updating in Blog Lovin for some reason :/ so I'm just now catching up on your past few posts :)

  5. i missed your birthday! HAPPY BELATED!! i can relate with you about how my excitement about my birthday has waned over the years. i still love my birthday, but it's not this crazy giddy feeling like it used to be. i still do like presents though…a LOT. hope you and your hubs had a wonderful birthday dinner out!

  6. Yay, I'll be turning 26 in a few weeks! Happy Birthday chica! :)
    xo TJ


  7. i wrote a huge long comment and my computer ate it. yay! so let's try again. i know i said happy birthday when it happened and this is late but - happy birthday! so glad you went to cheesecake factory, that place also has a special place in my heart. while i don't necessarily get as excited as i did when i was kid, i genuinely love birthdays. celebrating mine or someone else's. you get to do whatever you want and go wherever you want, and when i have that attitude for others i also get to go and do stuff i wouldn't necessarily do. so i'm all about it. for sure. and i hope yours was a great one.


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