February 6, 2013

Saturday brunch

We've been busy.

In January we went out of town every single weekend, mostly for fun reasons, but still. It was a LOT. This past weekend we finally had a weekend at home. It was wonderful! Friday we relaxed, ate homemade pizza, and fell asleep watching a movie (that never happens. we were wiped). Saturday called for sleeping in, having brunch, catching up on chores, Mexican for dinner, and seeing a movie (Zero Dark Thirty, if you really want to know). And of course there was Super Bowl Sunday. We actually went on a hike earlier that day to help ourselves not feel so bad about the calories we would consume later that night. All in all, it was a fun-filled and relaxing weekend. Thank goodness for weekends, because Lord knows I couldn't survive without 'em.

Saturday's brunch included scrambled eggs, and this bread (via Joy the Baker). I did have to mix the dough the night before, and what with all the yeast activating and waiting for it to rise and all that, I almost second guessed myself. Would all of this work be worth it?

Oh, but it was. It really was. The disheveled way my loaf turned out actually made it taste that much better. Definitely not as perfectly beautiful as Joy's, but it was beautiful to my tastebuds, and that's what counts. Right? Right. Oh, and be sure to add some cinnamon in your coffee, too. It adds a bit of magic.

A simple homemade brunch for two. I like it.

I said it once and I'll say it again,
thank goodness for weekends.