March 20, 2013

Five things

This little thing is going 'round and 'round on the internet. Lacey tagged me in her five things post, so I'm going to follow suit and tell you five things about me!

1. I am an extremely heavy sleeper. I have been known to sleep right through alarms I've set for myself, people bustling around getting ready in the same room, fire alarms, thunderstorms, and screaming children. [I'm really banking on motherly instincts kicking in when I have kids, because I really am worried that I won't hear them cry in the middle of the night.] This does not mean, however, that I can sleep anywhere and everywhere. It takes me a long time to fall asleep and I usually need it to be pretty quiet and dark to do so. It's only once I'm actually asleep that I'm able to zone out of all and any noise. For this reason I rarely nap. It just takes too long to get going and I usually fall into deep sleep so I end up sleeping for 2-3 hours. Not really practical.

2. I lived in Colorado Springs when I was little for a couple years. You could see Pike's Peak from our house! The sad thing is I haven't been back since we moved when I was four. I've heard so many good things about the Rockies and Denver and skiing on fresh Colorado powder, but I have yet to experience it as an adult. I'm hoping that will change in the future.

3. Recently I have been really into taking baths. I take at least one a week and read a book or browse blogs on my phone while I'm relaxing in the warmth. It's my happy place!

4. I am pretty short - 5'2" to be exact! Can anyone tell this from my pictures? Everyone I've ever known obviously knows that I am short and small, but it just occurred to me that my blogger friends may not since we have never met in real life.

5. Michael claims that I "tricked him" into believing I was a football fan while we were dating. Then when we got married my love for football disappeared. He says he really thought his wife would be his loyal sports watching buddy! Here's my side of the story: We fell in love while in college and the entire campus was all about football. You couldn't NOT be into it. I still do love going to games, but I'm not going to check stats, follow the players, or watch every single game on TV. To be fair, I don't think I ever did that while we were in college, so there was no trickery going on there. But I still think it's funny - sort of sad, but mostly funny - that I crushed his dream of having a wife who was just as much into sports as he was. I'm pretty sure that's every guy's fantasy, but rarely the reality.

a little height reference and proof that I do indeed enjoy football games:

Now I tag Rach, Jillian, and Erin! Go!

March 18, 2013

A weekend at the beach

I've been quiet here on the blog front lately. Not really sure why, but I felt like I needed the time off so I took it. And it was great. I'm excited to jump back on board!

This past weekend we spent down at Ocean Isle Beach. For the first time, Michael and I had his parents' condo all to ourselves, and it was incredible. Just what we needed, in fact. I certainly do wish that weekends were longer than 2 days! Friday night started off a little rough. First with not knowing where we put our keys to the condo, and then my little Prius had some car trouble just after we had really gotten going on our drive. So we turned around, drove home, re-packed all of our stuff into Michael's car and set out a little bit later than we intended. We decided to make the best of it and not let it ruin our weekend. It didn't really. We missed out on maybe a couple hours of hanging out at the condo on Friday night, since we didn't arrive until 1 am (!!) but we were so glad we decided to go anyway. We spent the weekend sleeping in, eating delicious brunch, walking on the beach, bike riding around the island, reading, eating pizza on the couch and watching a movie, and of course more beach walking. The weather was GORGEOUS - 70s and sunny, with some strong gusts of wind here and there. It was relaxing, refreshing, and I got some much needed quality time with my man. Seriously, the perfect weekend. We finished it off with lunch in Wilmington on our drive back, at the cutest ever cafe right on the water. Sometimes weekends are packed full of fun activities, sometimes they are simple and relaxing, and sometimes we get lucky and they are both. This weekend we got lucky!