March 6, 2011


So lately I have been going back and forth about wanting a puppy. Part of me just wants something to cuddle up with on the couch and to hang out with when Michael's not home. And they are just so cute and fun! This weekend Michael and I went to go look at puppies at Petsmart (just for fun, not because we were looking, which you of course know deep down that is always a bad idea).

Here is my list of pros and cons...

- fun to come home to every night!
- my new job is closer so I actually could come home at lunch to take it out
- It's starting to get warmer and there are so many fun things to do with a puppy in nice weather!
- I have friends who would be willing to keep it for free when we go places for the weekend
- Someone to play with when Michael's not here! (or when we are in a fight... ha ha)

- costs money - shots, food, necessary dog stuff, and our apartment has fees (this is probably the biggest thing right now)
- lots of work - I'll have to get up earlier every morning to take care of it and take time out of my day to walk it
- Dog hair - I'll definitely have to clean more

It's something we need to pray about and figure out if we want to take on this responsibility. Right now our only commitments are our jobs... and I have to admit that is pretty nice. We may just need to wait a while and see when it feels right. But there will definitely be a blog post when we get one!


  1. I'm in that boat too! Except it's my husband Sean who wants 2 kittens and I'm trying to look at this from a logical standpoint. It'd be cute, but with him working nights, I don't want the poor animals to be wandering around the apt alone while he's trying to sleep. We'll see in a few months if either of us get sometime!:)

  2. Snickers might be available for free...haha!

  3. ummm what is there to not want about a puppy?? just kidding i know what you mean...we really want a kitten! the biggest con for me is housetraining...ugh.


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