February 4, 2014

Organization tip: Holiday cards

I am a forgetful person, but for those who know me, a lot of the time I probably seem like I have it all together. The reason is because I set myself up for things so that when I do forget (because I know I will) I have a backup plan. If I need to run an errand or call someone on my way home from work, I put a reminder in my phone for the time I know I'll be leaving. I write myself notes and lists and leave them in conspicuous areas so as not to forget important things. If I have to bring something with me when I'm leaving the house, I'll put it right next to my purse so I won't forget it when I walk out the door. I find when I don't have things prepped, I waste time and money, and I don't like that.

One thing I've started doing recently is having birthday, wedding, and baby cards at the ready.
I hate being in a time crunch and having to run to the store to get a card for a friend or family member's birthday (that's tomorrow!), paying $4+ for a piece of paper, and then rushing to get in the mail on time. So, to remedy this, I've created a system for my forgetful self that is fool proof, that saves me both time and money.

1. I keep a stash of various holiday cards at home and at my desk at work. When I am at either place and suddenly remember I need a card for a birthday or a baby shower, I have one right there that I can write and send out.

2. I keep stamps in my wallet so that they are with me at all times.

3. When I find a cute card for a good price, I like to buy a bunch of them at a time. My go-to places are the Dollar Store (not kidding!) and Vistaprint. The Dollar Store sells their cards 2-for-$1, and while they're not all amazing, you can usually find a few that are actually pretty cute. On Vistaprint, I check out their holiday folded card section and order a 10-pack of the ones I like, usually for birthdays. Here are some of the ones I just ordered recently:

Do you have a backup system so you don't forget birthdays?


  1. i have reminders in my calendar, and i also have stamps in my wallet. however i work across from a papyrus, cvs, and duane reade, so it's easy to just pop in and get a card a couple of days before i need it. i'm similar to you with the forgetfulness - always putting stuff in my bag or by the door or writing notes, it really helps.

  2. um, hello cute vistaprint cards. never used them before, but these are adorable! i always, always keep my stamps in my wallet. i couldn't even think of a better place for them. right on! i keep a stash of cards on hand myself. i buy the cheap .99 ones at walmart and target because i find myself in the same predicament as you-needing a card and having to buy one for like $13. never again!

  3. This is such a great idea! I tend to send a "I suck" email a few days after someones birthday! This would totally solve the problem! Not to mention I am sure we could use some of the cards for our clients! Awesome post!
    xo, Lee

  4. Oh gosh, if it weren't for Facebook I would forget all birthdays. I really need to get better at this. I love the idea of getting a calendar and putting birthday stickers on the days of those I love :)
    xo TJ



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