October 4, 2011

$2.50 Bathroom Fix

So, our bathroom sink was a mess. It has been this messy probably since the last time I cleaned it. And I kept putting off cleaning it because there is so much stuff to move and it takes forever.

I decided I needed some type of basket to contain all of my beauty products because it would A) make it look nicer, and B) it would be so much easier to clean thus giving me motivation to clean more often. After searching Goodwill and Homegoods, I didn't find what I was looking for in size or price. Then I went to Target. Why didn't I go there before?? I started browsing around in the $1 section, and then found this! It was selling as a "Halloween decoration," but it was exactly what I was looking for! And at $2.50 to boot!

Doesn't this look sooo much better? Everything slides in so nicely, and it all fits, which is amazing! It totally cleans up the counter. (I'll admit that I also cleaned the sinks before taking these pictures!)

And just in case you don't believe me on the price...

This would have cost me at least $10 anywhere else (Crate & Barrel, Pottery BarnThe Container Store). Even the baskets I was finding at Goodwill were around $1 or $2, and I would have had to spraypaint them.

Here is another trick I use for my makeup tools, eyeliner, and mascara. I bought this glass mug at Walmart awhile back for about $2. It works great because everything is easy to grab.

What kind of things do you use to organize your bathroom counter?

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