August 8, 2011

Happy things

Some things that are making me happy today...

1. Getting our TV back (we had let some friends borrow it). Now we have a den in our extra bedroom. AKA: Michael now plays his video games in here instead of in the main room. It is awesome!

2. New shelf in the laundry room. The one on the right came with the apartment, but this weekend Michael installed the extra one on the left. It is so nice to have a little more storage! It may not seem like a big deal, but it's the little things. :)

3. I am so thankful for my Lord. He is so gracious, and I totally don't deserve Him. Yet He has chosen me, and given me abundant love and blessings. I am truly amazed at how selfish and consumed I am with worldly things, yet He continues to desire me. It's really amazing when I stop and think about this, because it makes me realize how so many things I stress about really don't matter. God loves me, and that's all I need to know. It's so great when He yet again reveals something so simple and obvious to me.

What is making you happy this Monday?


  1. Sigh. Just reading what you wrote as #3 makes me smile in gratitude for answered prayers--how I love knowing that you are in an active and growing friendship with God. I have always loved your heart and I find you humble honesty irresistible--betcha God does too!!!! :)

  2. I love getting a small window into your heart that I don't normally see when we talk on the phone or text. I love you.


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