September 21, 2011

Rain is a good thing

Rain, 1945
Arthur Leipzig
It has been a dreary day week here in Raleigh. We had a cold front come in last weekend, and since it never got sunny again I keep thinking it will be chilly when I step outside... yet the temperature is well into the 70s and sometimes 80s. I kept feeling like I should be switching out my clothes for the new season, even though it's still pretty warm... I'm a little slow but starting to catch on.

I liked this picture because it pretty much sums up my week: the obvious rain, as well as the man in the picture who resembles Donald Draper. Now, if you don't know who Donald Draper is, you should get to know him. And to do that you need to watch Mad Men. Besides my usual commitments, literally all I've been doing this week is watching Mad Men. Michael and I are obsessed, to say the least. We are through season one and it just keeps getting better. While I do not condone all the behavior that goes on in this show, I highly recommend it. (It is clean in the sense that there are not any disturbing or graphic scenes, but the characters in the show have little to no morals, just an FYI.) If you are looking for something to do in this dreary weather, watch this show! If you really need to be productive, seriously don't.

I hope you are having a good week! How are you occupying your time while it rains?

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