September 6, 2011

Local Favorite: The Lumina outdoor theater

This past weekend we did something really fun: we watched a movie outside! There is a theater in Chapel Hill that plays movies out on the lawn in the neighborhood of Southern Village. It is such a fun thing to do on a summer night! Everyone brings a lawn chair or a blanket and picks a spot on the grass to watch the movie. They are usually family friendly movies, but in times past they have played "Grownups" and "X-Men: First Class," and the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" is playing this September. So there are definitely some good ones! We saw "Captain America" this past Saturday, and while I only gave the movie a rating of "okay," the whole experience was really fun. We randomly invited another couple from our small group, Mark and Jenn, who have not hung out with too much before, and it was so fun! We actually stayed out on the lawn talking way after the movie ended! It was just the perfect night for that kind of thing.

If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, go check out The Lumina before the season is over! At only $4 a ticket and you can bring your own snacks, it truly is the best way to watch a movie! Just make sure you get there a little before dusk so you can get a good seat :)
[I apologize for the bad picture - it's from my phone and it's the only one I have!
You get the idea though, right??]

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