September 5, 2011

The Master

Ok, so this project has been a long time comin'... I have toyed with tons of ideas, trying to find the right fit for our master bedroom. Out of all the ideas I hemmed and hawed over, I ended up choosing some pretty simple accents. And I love it! I am not too much for super flourishy decor, and since our Pottery Barn duvet cover is so busy, I ended up simplifying the rest. I would also have to say that this room still is not totally "done." There are some things I'm still deciding on and/or don't have the money for; one being an upholstered storage bench for the end of our bed. But for now, this room at least has pictures on the walls and a comfortable feel to it. For now, I am content!

Thankfully, we did not have to spend much on furniture. Michael's generous parents bought us this bedroom set for our wedding. I got to pick it out, though! We bought the mattress and an extra nightstand since only 1 came with the set.

Ideally I would love to paint our bedroom one day. Possibly a cool blue or light khaki. Since we are renting an apartment and are not sure how much longer we'll be here, I decided not to paint the walls because we'll have to repaint them when we leave. I sort of wish we had just done it when we moved in so we could enjoy it longer... but the ceilings are high so it would be a pain to repaint when we leave. One day we will have color on our walls!

I did not post any pictures of Michael's highboy dresser, because there is nothing fun on top of it. Still looking for something to decorate it with...

See what I mean about the curtains? They just hang there. Does this look good or do they need help?? (it's kind of hard to tell but they are blue - bad/blurry picture quality, sorry!)

Furniture: Consignment store and Target
Lamps: Target
Duvet cover and shams: Pottery Barn
Wicker clothes hamper: Ross
Above bed frames: Target
Dresser frames: Pottery Barn and Ross

If you want to see my living room, click here.

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  1. LOVE IT, you need to come help me decorate mine!


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