December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

This Christmas we traveled A LOT, and when it's all said and done I can say it was worth it to see everyone we wanted to see, but I don't know that we'd do a repeat of it in future years. Christmas as an adult is hard. Especially if you are married and you're trying to find time to celebrate with both sides of the family. You get one day off (or 2 if you're lucky) to celebrate the best holiday of the year, and with family members located in different states it's just not possible to see everyone on Christmas Day.
The weekend before Christmas this year, we went to Charlotte to celebrate with my in-laws. It was a quick weekend and didn't quite feel like Christmas, as it was 70 degrees outside! But it sure was fun to celebrate. Then we headed back to Raleigh to work for 2 days, go to our church's Christmas service on the 23rd, and do some last minute shopping. Christmas Eve we made the trek up to DC to visit my family and spend Christmas there. We had Christmas brunch, opened presents, decorated Christmas cookies, ate roast beast for dinner (Grinch reference, anyone?), and relaxed by the fire. Oh, and we also got to play with my sister's new puppy! He is such a sweet little pup. You just can't be unhappy around a cute puppy. Friday morning we loaded up the car and drove down to Charlotte to see some family friends of Michael's, meanwhile my family drove down to Greenville, SC to see my mom's family who all lives down there. So on Saturday we headed down to Greenville for the day to do the big Christmas celebration with everyone, and then back to Charlotte for the night. Sunday we drove home early and finally got to relax a bit in our own home. It was a whirlwind but we are thankful to have so many people to celebrate with!

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  1. holy moly that is a lot of traveling. wow! love that picture of you guys (and the reference to roast beast). glad you had such a wonderful christmas even with all the busy-ness!


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