August 27, 2015

Growing Two: 18 week update

I haven't been great at documenting this first pregnancy. I'm not really sure why. I mean, we are SO excited and thrilled about this adventure. We waited for what felt like so long, and now we've been blessed with two babies to love! We are overjoyed to say the least. So here's my attempt to catch up!

10 weeks - notice sleeping Cooper in the background!

First trimester: I spent most of this time in disbelief that we were actually pregnant. When you're not showing yet, it's hard to actually believe that it's true! Every ultrasound we got to hear the heartbeats and see that something was going on inside of me. I think I've teared up at every single one.

My main symptoms have been *major* hunger, fatigue, back pain, headaches, and some nausea. In the first few weeks I was just so hungry, all. the. time. Even if I ate until I was full, 2 hours later I would be hungry again. That should have been my first hint that I was growing more than one baby! I was also way more tired than normal. Some nights I'd want to go to bed at 8:30, which is really weird for me since I tend to be a night owl. I also napped a lot on the weekends. As far as sickness goes, I wasn't that sick thankfully! I had some bad days here and there where I just felt nauseous and nothing sounded good to eat. But I was never running to the bathroom or needing to keep a barf bag by my desk at work. I was so thankful it wasn't that bad. That being said, I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt once I hit 13 weeks. I don't think I realized how gross I had been feeling until I started feeling like myself again. Since then it's been smooth sailing.

12 weeks
I was also surprised at how soon I felt like doing simple things was a lot of work. Namely walking! I would say I was in pretty good shape before getting pregnant - , but just going for a walk around the neighborhood would leave me winded and feeling almost incapable of making it home. I knew this would happen when my belly got huge, but I didn't picture it happening early on! I'm trying to find the balance of staying active but knowing when to rest. You're supposed to be able to keep exercising like normal when pregnant, but most things I've read about twin pregnancy is that it's totally different than singleton and the best thing to do is walk or swim.

16 weeks

Second trimester so far (13-18 weeks): Right now I am 18 weeks, and I just feel good. I am not huge yet but definitely look pregnant (instead of just fat!). It's a legit pregnant belly that I can no longer hide with baggy clothing. People at work are noticing, and even some strangers here and there. I've still been hungry all the time, and try to keep up with my hunger as best I can since it's really important to gain a lot of weight on the early side with twins (side note: this is an awesome book I've been using for reference. It's written by a doctor and the goal is to carry twins as close to term as possible. Definitely a must if you're carrying multiples!). One random symptom I've had is nose bleeds. Apparently that's a thing when you're pregnant? None have been gushing, thankfully, but it's just weird to blow your nose and see blood pretty regularly. I am also just barely starting to feel movement! We are also already those ridiculous helicopter parents who bought a Doppler monitor so we can listen to their heartbeats at home. Don't dock it until you've tried it. It is really cool!

We had our big anatomy scan this week, and praise the Lord all organs look healthy and are growing on track. It was the most amazing ultrasound - I can't believe at how much they are able to look at! The babies looked the most like babies we've seen yet. We saw their spines, brains, hands, feet, eye sockets, noses, hearts... it was incredible. Yes, we also saw their genitals too, but I am waiting to share what they are after our family gender reveal party this weekend :) The babies were moving all around, and I just loved looking at them, wondering who these little people are going to be. I can't wait to meet them and hold them! I guess they'll have to stay squished in there together for a little while longer.

18 weeks

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  1. You look so great! I'm glad you're feeling better - that first trimester is so hard! Will be praying for health for you and your babies. Can't wait to hear the genders! And keep posting updates on your pregnancy so we can all follow along!


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