January 30, 2012

Musical desks

Well folks, we sold the secretary. We actually made $20 on it, which is kind of cool! Doesn't the nook look so sad and lonely now?

This weekend we went through the other desk and decided what to keep, what to throw away, and how to reorganize the drawers to work better. We also got rid of all the clutter in the corner next to the desk. This took a while but I'm so glad we did it. Here it is in the little nook now:

I know, it needs a lot of work. One being the chair. It's just not the place for an old office chair! The space is so cute and the chair just doesn't fit! I want to find something fun and simple. I also mentioned before that I want to paint the desk. So that will change the look, too. The office/guest room now looks a lot different, but I will share pictures of that later.

Isn't it cozy though? It's so nice for Michael to have a place to get work done. He also can pack all his stuff away in the drawers when he's not working so that it's out of sight :)

I hope you had a good weekend! Did you rearrange anything like we did?


  1. Michael's little office - nice! You are a loving wife......:)

    P.S. There are those cool wooden desk chairs from PB - something like that would look neat - Craigs List!

  2. Love the nook!! Can't wait to see what you're doing in the guest room! Target has great accent chairs that I am thinking of using as a desk chair for my room - they are the perfect height, most desk chairs are at 19 inches. Joe and I are going to be rearranging my room this month! I'm soo excited about it!

  3. I like how it looks with this desk in the corner! A cute, smaller chair would look good, but I think those are hard to find (or they are super uncomfortable!).


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