January 21, 2012

Goodbye, Secretary

Let me clarify: I am not forcing my husband to fire his secretary because I think she's too pretty (okay, okay, bad joke). This post is about this cute little secretary desk I bought off Craigslist over a year ago. While it looks adorable in our little nook, it is extremely non-functional because it is not deep enough to use with a laptop, or anything really. I basically only use it to store my stationery, which is about all that it holds. I also have never been a huge fan of the Queen Anne's style legs.

remember this guy?

So, we're selling it. Anyone want a cute decorative desk that doesn't do much else than look pretty?? The big deciding factor was that in our search for a larger desk for the office, I realized that I didn't want to part with the small desk we already have.

this area of the apartment hasn't gotten a lot of love, has it?

While it doesn't do the job we want it to in this space (we really need more surface area and shelving), it actually has a lot of storage and has so much charm and character. I can just see it painted white for a little girl's bedroom one day in the future. So when I really though about it, it makes more sense to keep it as an investment and get rid of the one that doesn't really do anything for us. So we'll move this one into the nook area. I have already been brainstorming ideas of how to spruce it up and tie it in with the colors in our living room (read: paint!). Of course you know I will post about that project when the time comes! For now, I need to sell/donate the secretary first so we can move the other desk into its place, and then we'll have the free space in the office to move in a larger desk once we find one.

So that's the plan! Anyone have any ideas as to how I can spruce this desk up? Paint colors and fixture suggestions? I would love to hear from any of you... I am always looking for out-of-the-box decor ideas. Hope you are having a great weekend!

[If you live in NC and are interested in this desk, here is the link to our Craigslist listing.]

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