January 12, 2012

Fun DIY Ideas

In my hunt for a new office desk, I've been perusing DIY projects for some inspiration. Believe me, some of these things I'm seeing on Craigslist are going to need a LOT of creativity to bring something good out of them! Luckily there are millions of blogs out there of people who turn some really ugly things into awesome creations.  Maybe they'll inspire you to do something similar!

Pottery Barn-esque desk made from scratch

Color splashed chairs

Doily Frosted Mirror

Faux bamboo makeover



Dresser turned TV stand




  1. I love before and after of ugly furniture! That dresser turned TV stand is pretty impressive! I also love those color splashed chairs.

  2. Great ideas!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  3. Love these ideas. I know yours will be just as awesome! Can you turn the one you have into something cool?

  4. it's amazing what a coat of paint can do - the faux bamboo piece is my favorite.

  5. Great collection of redecoration inspirations! Sometimes it doesn't take much more than a little imagination to turn any old find into a treasure for your home. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I'm excited to have found your blog - I just started following!


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