January 8, 2012


I really can't believe it's 2012 already! It will take me a good few months to get used to writing the correct date (always does). I'm not going to list out my resolutions but I will say this: I am really excited for what 2012 will bring. My hope and desire is that this will be a year of consistency. In 2011, I held 5 different jobs. Five different jobs. That's crazy, right? Filing taxes is going to be a nightmare.

It's neat to be on this side of things and see how it's all come full circle and I am finally in a job that I enjoy at a great company. And I'm using my degree! But it was a rough road, let me tell you. Let's just say I had a lot of tough lessons to learn. Which is scary because the more I've learned the more I realize there is to learn. I guess that's life. I am so thankful for all that this past year has taught me though. I knew that after college I would get a job and find a place to live, but I really couldn't comprehend what it would actually feel like and be like. This past year has taught me a lot about myself and also what I want in life. Pre-graduation, I didn't know what my dreams were. I didn't know what I saw myself doing. Now I feel like I have a better vision of what I want now and what I want in the future. Maybe I'm just slow and that section of my brain just didn't fully develop until now, I'm really not sure. But I'm so thankful that life has twists and turns that keep me continuously learning. It's hard at times but it's exciting!

So all of that being said, I guess my main point is that now I feel more grounded. No longer aimless and confused. I'm hoping this year I can really hash out what my dreams are and how to reach them. I can't wait to see what I'll discover. I may be about a week late, but here's to 2012!

Before I go, I'll leave you with 2 things:

A pretty printable to write down your 2012 goals and resolutions created by Valentina Ramos. She is such a great artist!

And a cute little desktop wallpaper I found here. It's so handy to have the days of the month right there on my desktop! It's also fun and colorful during the blah month of January :)

via RedStamp.com

They have one for your phone too!
via RedStamp.com


  1. i changed jobs a lot too - three held for less than a year - and finally found the job and place i needed to be. all the change didn't feel great, and i felt aimless (which i usually hadn't been in my life), but it helped me figure out what i want, and more of what i want from my future, too. i'm glad you found a job that is what you want to do - here's to 2012!

  2. i didn't know you went through so many jobs! that must have been so stressful. i can't wait til we finally get settled. here's to a more calm & structured year!

  3. Thanks Colleen & Sydni! Yes it is a learning process but hopefully it won't take tooooo long for all of us to get settled where are meant to be! :)


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