June 9, 2011

Future Home Must-haves

Today I have been learning how to use Raleigh's MLS system (the online database that Realtors post their listings on). What better way to learn it than to use the search function like I would for a client? This has gotten me searching for my future home. I say future because it is a long, long, LONG way off. Two things I strongly desire in my first home purchase are old hardwood floors and a staircase. There is something about stairs in an entryway that just seems homey and inviting. I also love the separation stairs create between the daily living space and the bedrooms. Having stairs to climb makes a bedroom feel more like a retreat from the busyness than does simply walking around a corner from the living room. Here is where some of my daydreams are coming from...

Clean yet antique. Love it.

A window seat in your foyer? Genius.

How cool is this horizontal wood paneling? I'm also loving the unique railing.

Fascinating staircase!
Simple. Lovely.
I want, I want, I want!

What are some of your home must-haves?
And are you lucky enough to own them yet?


  1. I love all of these! I could look at pictures all day long of beautiful homes...I want to buy a house so badly!

  2. I'm with you, girl! One day... it's good to learn patience :)


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