May 24, 2011

Scaredy Cat

I have never been the jumpy type. In college I would laugh at my roommates if I scared them just by walking into a room. But I was never the one to get startled. I grew up in a family of 5 kids, so there was always something going on. You can imagine this activity would continue in my college dorm, and then in my college townhome with roommates. Pretty much nothing fazed me. I heard strange loud noises and had people walk in from random doors all the time. It was just part of everyday life.

For some reason, Michael pretty much scares me on a daily basis, simply by walking into a room behind me and saying something, or coming up next to me when I am doing something in the bathroom mirror. It's so weird to be on this side of things after so long being even keeled and not having anything make me jump. Last night Michael fell asleep before me (a usual occurrence), and you know how your body starts twitching in that first stage of sleep? Well his leg, or arm, or something twitched, and I literally jumped out of my skin. I mean come on! There is someone else in the bed with me, there is bound to be some other movement in there somewhere, and for some reason my body freaks out when it happens.

I really have no explanation for this scaredy cat business. One recent theory is that it only happens in the bathroom and bedroom, which are two places for my whole life I have usually had my personal privacy. But I can't promise that those are the only places I get startled. Hopefully this is just a phase that I will work through. Maybe one day when I have kids and my house is noisy, I will not be scared of random noises anymore. It would be nice not to have my heart stop beating a few times a week because of fright! But for now, I am jumpy and on edge, and Michael just gets to laugh at me.


  1. I totally understand...Mark makes it a goal to scare me at least once a day...all he has to do is walk into a room and I jump! Mine has gotten a little better with time, hopefully yours does too :)

  2. um.. this is embarrassing... but I just found out you have a blog! I thought I had looked for yours on your google account but didn't find it! whoops! well, I'm following you now :)

  3. Haaaa that's hilarious!! I am one of those people that jumps all the time so I feel your current pain. Even waitresses freak me out in restaurants just by asking to take my order :)


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