May 3, 2011

Chicken and Kidney Bean Salad

So tonight I put together a salad that Michael actually liked! He was skeptical at first, and really thought that he wouldn't like it. He is funny about salads. No fruit, and no vinegar-based dressings - both of which I love to have on my salads! So that is kind of hard to work around if I want to do a salad as a meal. Tonight's dinner was sort of a southwestern taste, and it was yummy!! Another recipe from my mom, this one has been a great summer dinner in years past. The best part is that Michael thought it was good. Let me tell you what it's made of:

Head of iceberg lettuce
Can of light red kidney beans
Cooked chicken pieces
1/2 red pepper, chopped (my addition)
Dressing mix: mayonnaise, ketchup, chili powder, and garlic salt (this can be mixed to taste and then tossed in the salad)

Tonight I added half of a red pepper. It really added a delicious crunch to it! All I needed to buy for this recipe were the iceberg and red pepper, and the rest is just stuff I normally have in my pantry. I felt like it had pretty much all you need in a meal, so I didn't do any sides with it. Um, can we say EASY?? Because of the beans and chicken, it is filling and is also healthy (well, healthier than some carb-loaded meals). Michael did add some crushed tortilla chips to his, and said that Fritos would be good in it as well. I'm going to classify this as a successful meal! Wife points for me!

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