June 10, 2013

France: Cannes Film Festival

Because my trip was organized through a study abroad program, we had a lot of group activities built into the calendar. Class wasn't really first priority for our professors - hands on activities were. And we were not complaining one bit. The first thing we did outside of Antibes was visit the city of Cannes during the infamous Cannes Film Festival. I had high hopes of spotting Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, or Julia Roberts, but alas, we did not see anyone famous! We did, however, get to see the festival itself and explore the gorgeous city that is Cannes. The festival felt a lot like an American festival, just in a European city. We walked around like tourists, seeing all of the hullabaloo going on for the festival, ate lunch at a cute little outdoor cafe, and people watched. It was hot and crowded, but it was a great day for exploring.

Later in the afternoon we walked over to the calmer part of the city and explored tiny narrow streets and quintessential European buildings with flower boxes on the balconies and clothes lines hanging outside the windows. We eventually made it up to the top of a hill where a church stood, and the view was breathtaking. You could see the whole bay, all of the festival, and all of the buildings sprawled out on the mountains. It was my first taste of the Mediterranean and I was already loving it. My friends and I would talk about how one day when we were rich, we would come back and be a part of a Mediterranean yacht club. Not sure how close I am to that dream at this point in my life. But at least I have the pictures!


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  1. Cannes looks gorgeous and like so much fun! I'm glad you had a blast on this trip. I am loving your travel posts and can't wait to see what other adventures you had in France!

  2. how fun that you were there when the film festival was happening. study abroad is the best.

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! so jealous of your travels!


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