July 6, 2011

DIY Flower Pots

Original how-to instructions here.
I am LOVING these fabric flower pots! They are so cute and I really wish I had seen this idea before planting my herb garden. I guess I could still do something like this in my house somewhere. If you are not an artist (as I am definitely not!), this craft is great because you can just use a pretty fabric pattern and it looks amazing. Oh, I want to go make one now!!


  1. These pots are so cute! I just bought seeds for basil and cilantro because I LOVE those herbs and cook with them all the time. And I was inspired by your herb garden post :). Why pay $3-$4 dollars each time when you can grow them over and over for a few bucks, right? Now I just need to get some pots and good soil!

  2. WHEN are we making these??? I love them and would love to make them for the kitchen. Craft night?!?!?

    Leslie Douglas

  3. We totally should do it! I already have a pot ready to go, I just need fabric...


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